Moves for everyone

Prepare your pupils for the spotlight. Whether dancing up a storm or meticulously creating a freeze-frame, the time has come for your pupils to shine. Choose from two artforms, Dance or Drama. Whichever you pick, your pupils will be developing their skills and confidence as they explore the world of performing arts.

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What you’ll find in the Moves resources

Talent who feature in the Moves resources

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New Adventures

Sam Archer and Savannah Ffrench from the cast of the New Adventures Edward Scissorhands production.

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Jaime Amor

Yoga teacher and actor from the hugely popular Cosmic Kids Yoga channel.

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Pop sensations whose catchy tunes and dance moves have been watched by millions around the world.

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Wendy Steatham, AKA Whirl, from the creative learning charity Artis.

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Joel Brown – Candoco

A member of the world’s foremost inclusive dance company, Candoco.

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The National Youth Theatre

Actors Adeola Yemitan, Ben Wilson and Nkhanise Phiri introduce the world of the theatre and have lots of fun, easy to follow tips for your pupils.