Creativity on a budget

Our Access All Arts expert teacher, Andria Zafirakou, will be sharing her top tips for a more creative classroom, and in this article we are looking at creativity on a shoestring.

How can you fill up your art cupboard without busting your school budget?

  • Find your local materials bank or contact a local business to see if they will sponsor some materials for your school.
  • Amazing artwork can be made with materials pupils can bring in from home: plastic bottles and lids, loo roll tubes, string, and card. Did you know that the polystyrene discs that pizzas come on are great for poly printing projects?
  • Keep a box in your classroom to encourage students to bring in these items all year round, and to store the materials when you’re not creating amazing art.
  • Remember, art doesn’t have to start on white paper. Experiment by working on bits of fabric or cardboard you have lying around.
  • Plan a project that focuses on artists who use recycled or found materials to create amazing pieces. Follow their lead.