"There's always room for a story that can transport people to another place."

J K Rowling


Words for everyone

Ignite imaginations and unleash the scribe inside every pupil. We're talking powerful poems, epic yarns, monster myths, eternal truths and tall tales...

This year we are partnering with The Reading Agency and The Poetry Society to give your class the chance to pen their own poems and weave their own tales. Our team of wordsmiths will be there to help pupils bring their words to life.

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Access All Arts will be harnessing the power of written and spoken Words with The Poetry Society. Rhythm, rhyme, alliteration... spark some linguistic fireworks in your classroom.

Our Poetry pathway will give pupils space to explore sounds, play with words, create images and make bold connections.



Access All Arts and The Reading Agency are teaming up to show your storytellers the best ways to beguile a reader and intrigue a listener.

If you choose to take our Storytelling pathway, be prepared to unleash imaginations as your pupils set off on adventures that could take them literally anywhere...

Access artists and creatives


We’ve enlisted the help of some of the best writing talent around to lead you on this creative journey.

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“Books allow you to travel to another world without leaving your chair!”

8-year-old Milan Paul Kumar is a participant of the Summer Reading Challenge 2020. He read an amazing fifty books during the first national lockdown in March, earning congratulations from the Duchess of Cornwall and several accolades.

The Benefits

Oral storytelling and spoken word are a powerful equaliser in the classroom. Listening to, telling and retelling stories develops literacy skills whilst immersing children in the tale, allowing them to be present in each storytelling moment.

Get everybody in your class reading, writing sharing with our Words module.

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