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“The play is not in the words, it’s in you!”

Stella Adler


Moves for everyone

Whether it’s a hot seat in a circle of chairs, or a spotlight in the school hall, the time has come for your pupils to step into the space and be seen.

This year, we're proud to be sharing a stage with Artis and the National Theatre. Children will have the opportunity to move, flex, shake and stretch with our Movement pathway. Or they'll get the chance to devise, direct and roleplay their way through our Drama pathway. Make a move with us and bring out the best in your pupils.

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Access All Arts and Artis are calling on all primary pupils to think with their bodies. Drama, choreography, physical theatre and dance...

Our Movement pathway uses kinaesthetic learning to ignite imaginations and supercharge self-expression.



Access All Arts and the National Theatre are on a mission to ignite the creativity of the next generation of theatre makers.

Train your pupils in the art of performance and put on a show. Our Drama pathway will embolden your class to create and share unforgettable stories and work together to move an audience.

Joel Brown - Candoco

Joel Brown, a member of the world’s foremost inclusive dance company Candoco will be demonstrating what dance can be and who can do it as our Movement Artform icon for our MOVES module.

The National Youth Theatre

The National Youth Theatre will be leading the way in our exclusive MOVES module as the Movement Artform Icon. Transport your class to the magical world of costumes, sets and props, as actors Adeola Yemitan, Ben Wilson and Nkhanise Phiri take pupils backstage and share their best acting techniques.


Creative learning charity, Artis, is on a mission to transform lives through the arts – which is why they’re the Expression Hero to the MOVES module. As part of Access All Arts week, Artis's Wendy Steatham (Whirl) has crafted a bespoke workshop immersing children in the wonders of movement and drama.


“Being able to engage with the curriculum in a creative and performative way using movement allows the children freedom to express fresh ideas and opinions in a safe and explorative way. The personal and social skills developed inherently with movement work can be truly transformative.”

Nicola Curtis, (Wizzle) Artis Specialist

The Benefits

Drama helps children hone their vocal and physical expression, develop their presentation and empathy skills. Physicalising the learning experience through Movement strengthens teamwork, develops critical thinking and improves physical and emotional wellbeing.

See what magic our Moves module can create in your classroom.

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