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“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Pablo Picasso


Marks for everyone

Lines, dots, curves, patterns, textures, colour, shapes... join us on a mark making adventure to unlock your inner artist and see your pupils flourish.

This year Access All Arts are working in partnership with The Big Draw and the Crafts Council to unleash the power of mark making in schools. Children will experience all sorts of marks, made by all sorts of artists, designers and crafters, before making their own mark on the world.

We can't wait to see what they create.

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2D Mark Making


Access All Arts are joining forces with The Big Draw to explore all the wonderful ways artists combine gestures, materials and mediums to make their mark on a 2D surface.

Pencil, pen, crayon, chalk, ink, paint, paper, card, canvas, fabric, walls or whatever objects you have lying around...

Explore our 2D Mark Making pathway to experience doodling, drawing, splatting, smudging and printing like never before.

3D Mark Making


This year, Access All Arts invites you to get your sleeves up and your hands messy with the Crafts Council. Paper, salt dough, second-hand clothes, building blocks, mud…

We have ideas for whatever materials you have lying around. Follow our 3D Mark Making pathway to join us on a merry-go-round of making, molding, folding, scratching, sticking, stitching and more!

Liz Pichon

Liz Pichon, writer, illustrator and creator of the hugely successful Brilliant World of Tom Gates kicks off our MARKS module with an energising assembly video. She’ll be talking about how she got started and sharing some mark making tips in an exclusive draw-along assembly.

Bob and Roberta Smith

We believe all schools should be art schools. That’s why we’re overjoyed that the one and only Bob and Roberta Smith OBE gives us his unique take on 2D Mark Making. Although really one man, Bob is also an artist, Royal Academician, activist, art education crusader, writer, musician and advocate of making things up.

Favour Jonathan

Artist, sculptor and winner of the recent Sky Arts ‘Landmark’ series, Favour Jonathan inspires children with her awesome welding and storytelling skills in 3D Mark Making.

Mark making with Gomersal Primary School

Partner school Gomersal Primary have enjoyed testing out the 2D Mark Making module, finding it easy to deliver and very accessible. They loved the range of art and particularly the video with Bob & Roberta Smith.


"To young children, drawing is as natural an activity as running and playing but, as we grow and develop, in general we drop the drawing - why? It's sad that so many people lose this ability: for me, drawing has always been a natural form of expression"

Gerald Scarfe, Cartoonist and Patron of The Big Draw

The Benefits

Mark making is an important tool for promoting wellbeing, thought and creativity in children. Drawing, painting and making supports brain development and encourages social and cultural engagement. Run our Marks module and create an unforgettable learning experience. Show your pupils how they can use mark making to express their feelings, even when they can't find the right words. Build their confidence to be playful, try new things and take risks through art.

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